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How to Entertain in a Small Space

When you entertain in a small space your options for the grand are limited. You want your party guests to enjoy themselves without feeling cramped. Instead of thinking big, think scale. Photographers use scale to highlight a…more

Quick and Easy Entertaining With Finger Foods For Parties

The clock is ticking. It seems almost as if the minute hands are spinning. You just got home and have guests coming in one hour. The panic sets in. What you need in this moment are some quick and easy entertaining ideas. One…more

Entertaining Ideas with Healthy Snacks
Entertaining Ideas with Healthy Snacks

The invitations have been sent. The guest list is set. In a few hours your guests will arrive and you'll serve gourmet snacks. You know they deserve healthy snacks. You want to make sure the foods you serve are healthy,…more

How to Entertain with Gourmet Food without Ruining Your Budget

My sister Beth is a self-proclaimed master of the art of entertaining- gourmet entertaining to be precise. As both an amateur chef and single mom however, her caviar dreams don't always align with her Cheese-Its budget. And…more

Bypass the Boring: Healthy Snacks You Will Want To Try

I'm not sure about you, but I actually have gotten used to the idea of eating healthy. Making well-balanced, low-calorie meals is becoming a way of life. Where I have trouble though, is when it comes to healthy snacks. What…more